Hazel Wilson
Hazel Wilson image
Hazel Wilson on a dig
Vital statistics
Occupation the Egyptologist
Stamina 5
Sanity 5
Focus 1
Home Train Station
Status Custom


While supervising a dig in the Valley of the Queens, Hazel discovered a stone tablet with several previously unknown hieroglyphs. The tablet referred to a second stone which is not named but whose description is consistent with an artifact called the Tablet of Bast. Curious, and determined to be the first to translate the unknown glyphs, she left the dig in the hands of her partner Robert to set out for Arkham, where the Tablet of Bast is currently on exhibit.

Working on the translation made the long trip pass more quickly, but she soon came to find the work unsettling. The fragments she unveiled described events eerily similar to her current quest: a priestess, favoured by the cat goddess Bast, undertakes a long voyage to discover lost names hidden from a great terror. By itself, Hazel would have laughed at this coincidence -- but what truly disturbed her were the nightly dream of a watched in the darkness: a watcher with yellow eyes.

Now, as the train pulls away and she takes in Arkham's fresh night air, she shakes her head at her own gullibility. The fancies of a mind trapped too long on ships and trains! But then she spots the golden-eyed cat: black as midnight's shadow, it sits alone in the middle of the station yard. Holding her gaze a moment, it narrows its eyes, and then, as if satisfied, steps into the shadows and is gone.


Hazel starts with $5 and 1 Clue Token.

Hazel also draws 2 Common Items, 2 Exhibit Items and 1 Skill.


Skill Min Max
Speed 1 4
Sneak 0 3
Fight 1 4
Will 2 5
Lore 2 5
Luck 1 4

Unique AbilityEdit

Egyptology - Any Phase: Whenever Hazel draws one or more cards from the Exhibit Item deck, she draws one extra card and then discards one of the cards.

Favoured by Bast - Any Phase: When drawing one of more cards from the Unique Item deck, Hazel may draw from the Exhibit Item deck instead. In this case, do not draw the usual extra card.

Rule DetailsEdit




There is an Easter Egg that can be activated from the About dialog box of Strange Eons that opens a web page which discusses the history of her portrait image (warning: contains partial nudity.)