Arkham Horror's game system has made it possible for Fantasy Flight Games to create a highly customizable gaming environment. As such, Fantasy Flight Games has made rule books and new content available on-line for downloading and printing at the player's discretion. Captured below is all such content and external links to the content.

  • All content is in PDF format unless specified


These rulebooks are the same rulebooks as shipped with the product. There are two printings of the Arkham Horror rulebook; the only one included here is the revised edition.

  1. Arkham Horror (base game)
  2. Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
  3. Dunwich Horror
  4. The King in Yellow
  5. Kingsport Horror
  6. Black Goat of the Woods


Interesting information not included in the rulebooks that can be used to enhance or change the games you play.

  1. Index - for use with original printing of the Arkham Horror game (this is included in the revised rulebook)
  2. House Rules - house rules provided by game designer Richard Launius
  3. FAQ version 1.2 - includes Curse of the Dark Pharaoh and Dunwich Horror errata and clarifications

Ancient Ones, Heralds, MonstersEdit


Custom Heralds created to enhance the games in which Heralds are utilized.

  1. The Dark Pharaoh - for use with Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion game mechanics (JPEG-picture)
  2. The Dunwich Horror - for use with Dunwich Horror expansion game mechanics (JPEG-picture)

Investigators, GuardiansEdit


Penny ArcadeEdit


Summer League 2008Edit

The Summer League is an officially sanctioned and run, decentralized gaming league for all players of Arkham Horror who wish to participate.

  • The Arkham League Play Form (link is lost)
  1. Tide of Serpents
  2. Masquerade Ball
  3. Down the Hatch
  4. Miscreants and Miscreation
  5. It's Good to be the King
  6. Knocking on the Gates
  7. Feeding the Hand that Bites
  8. Freshly Brood Coffee
  9. The Sleeper Awakens
  10. All Things Must End