Reginald Atwater
Reginald Atwater image
Vital statistics
Occupation the Antiquarian
Stamina 4
Sanity 6
Focus 3
Home River Docks
Status Custom

Reginald Atwater is a investigator. He first appears as sample investigator in Strange Eons.


A native of London Reginald first visited Arkham six years ago on the advice of a friend and former professor at Miskatonic University. He has repeated the pilgrimage every year since: Arkham is a treasure trove of the rare and unusual books Reginald specializes in procuring. However, this year's trip is fast becoming a disaster. First, Reginald's luggage was stolen from his hotel - along with an exceedingly rare volume on ancient Mesopotamian funerary practices for which he had a local buyer. He was supposed to meet the buyer by the wharf this evening, but that was more than an hour ago. In the intervening wait, a growing fear has gnawed at him, whispering that these events are connected. Reginald knows all too well how dangerous his wares would prove in the wrong hands, and it is this though that finally spurs him into action. Cinching his coat with renewed purpose, he heads into the night, vowing to get to the bottom of this mystery.


Reginald starts with $4, 2 Clue Tokens and Cultes des Goules (a Unique Item).

Reginald also draws 2 Common Items, 2 SpellS and 1 Skill.


Skill Min Max
Speed 0 3
Sneak 1 4
Fight 0 3
Will 2 5
Lore 2 5
Luck 1 4

Unique AbilityEdit

Voracious Reader - Upkeep: Once per turn, Reginald may read one Tome without expending any movement points. This may be done even when in an Other World.

Broad Knowledge - Any Phase: After passing a skill check to read a Tome, Reginald gains 1 Clue Token in addition to the listed effects.

Rule DetailsEdit